What are the dimensions of a bed?

by Tim Berenyi

Beds are crazy, because what is a bed? A place to sleep, a spot to dream? Do beds really have dimensions? Or are we really talking about mattresses?

That's probably more accurate - so here are the dimensions of mattresses, which can be used as beds. Or forts. Or places for things to breed. Now we've taken a turn, its up to you to carry on. 


Length (cm) Width (cm) Av. Depth (cm)
Cot 130 69 10
Single 190 91.5 14-30
Double 190 138.5 14-30
Queen 203 152.5 14-30
King 203 183.5 14-30
Super King 203 203 14-30

Our fitted sheets are designed to be able to accomodate the variation in mattress thickness because we know the pain of trying to reef the bloody corners in, especially that top one against the wall which is always in for a fight.

Avoid scuffed knuckles, try Plantchester. 

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