Care Instructions

Plantchester products are made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified hemp fibres, and coloured with Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certified dyes. 

Please note that due to our method of natural dyes from plants and no chemical treatments, you can expect the colour of your set to fade over time so it is very important to treat with the correct care.


We recommend washing rather than dry cleaning your Plantchester bedding, just like the rest of us, your sheets will appreciate being washed gently.

Select gentle wash cycle, opt for cold wash, and just use a little soap. There are lots of great natural soap companies around these days so have a look around.

Place your Plantchester pieces in one of the wash bags your sets arrived in before popping them into the washing machine.

Use cold to warm water - not hot. Wash coloured hemp in cold water.

Adding a cup of white vinegar in the rinse water removes all traces of soap and leaves fabrics smelling fresh.

Launder stains when fresh, if they’re allowed to set, they may become a permanent feature. We don’t recommend using bleach, but if you do, opt for oxygen-bleaches. Chlorine-based bleaches will cause yellowing and damage the fabric, as well as being harmful to waterways.

If hand washing, rinse very thoroughly. Removal of all soap will help prevent large brown spots on hemp, which are caused by oxidation of cellulose by residual soap.


Because Plantchester is dyed without using chemical fasteners, they are more sensitive to UV exposure. This means the best time to dry your bedding is overnight or out of direct sunlight.

We understand that line drying can be impractical in many instances, so when machine drying be careful not to over dry as this will result in broken fibres and threads. Tumble dry on low heat setting until slightly damp.

Whatever method you use, bring the bedding in while it’s still damp. If hemp dries too thoroughly it may become stiff, taking several hours to recover its natural moisture and flexibility. 


Ironing hemp is much easier if it is done whilst slightly damp. If the fabric is completely dry when ironing, dampen the fabric thoroughly and iron on medium to high heat.

Steam ironing dry hemp is less effective and requires more effort. Iron on the wrong side first, then on the right side to bring out the sheen, especially in light-coloured bedding.

Iron darker hemps on the wrong side only. Heavier fabrics may need a slightly higher temperature setting. Hemp can withstand the highest temperature setting on your iron. Iron hemp until smooth but not dry. Once wrinkles are gone, hang the hemp item until it is bone dry.