What makes Plantchester different?

Why trade your hard earned dollars for our products?

The primary reason; these are really good quality sheets, made from the best fabric we could source, to provide you with the most comfortable sleep. 

The secondary reasons depend on what you value in this life; health and the environment. 

Typically, these two things are portrayed in Western cultures as being separate but to many people these are intrinsically linked. 

  1. Chemical-free.
  2. Plastic-free.
  3. Naturally good.
  4. Carbon offset.
  5. Family owned and operated.

What do we mean by completely chemical-free?

The plants we use for our products is grown organically, meaning there are no chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fertiliser, etc.) are used in the production of the crop. We guarantee this by ensuring the fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified. 

What sets us apart from most other brands is that we also use 100% organic plant dyes, and no chemical fasteners. This is for a couple of reasons, the main one is to reduce the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process. The other reason is that it means when our products end up back in the ground they won't leach any harmful substances into the environment. All chemicals aren't necessarily bad, but adding any foreign molecules to the soils disrupts the balance that is required for healthy microbial function, so best to avoid. 

How can they be entirely plastic-free?

All modern bedding contains plastic in one form or another. The most common plastic in bedding is found in the elastic band around the edge of the fitted sheet. You may not think there is a lot of plastic in that band, but a standard queen bed contains 7 metres of elastic! 

Ours contain none. 

We have done this again for a number of reasons, the first being to reduce the demand for petrochemicals. The second reason is that it makes putting fitted sheets on your bed much easier, because with our design you always know which are the sides and which are the ends - simply locate the ties, they're at the sides, toss over and tuck under. Once the ties have been pulled they'll pull the corners snuggly under the mattress. The third main reason is that it makes the bedding last longer. Linen by definition is a looser weave than other textiles, meaning the fibres are already further apart. So each you stretch the fitted sheet it weakens the integrity of the fabric, meaning that eventually you'll put your leg right through the middle. 

The sad part about that, aside from ruined bedding, is that a majority of the fabric is still in good condition it's just the centre area that becomes degraded. This is unnecessary waste. And on top of that, they have to be put in landfill because the sheets are dyed with chemicals which can't be put in the soils. 

Ours can be. 

Naturally hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, anti-fungal, anti-microbial

We love hemp for many reasons, but one of the neatest features of the fabric is that it is naturally good. Researchers have identified the potentancy of hemp against specific bacteria including MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and E. coli as well as fungal strains. Studies have also shown that hemp also possesses a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity relating to the chemical composition of the fibre. 

This means hemp fibre products are a good choice for people with sensitive skin or with respiratory issues. 

Hemp fibre is also naturally thermoregulating, which means it will keep you cool when you're hot and warm when you're cold. As a bedding it is excellent for sharing a bed with someone else, especially if they run hot. 

My dad hasn't given me many compliments in my life, but he did say they were the best sheets he'd ever used because they kept him comfortably cool.

Carbon offset

As someone who has spent 7 years at university studying the impacts of climate change, and having worked in the environmental modelling sector, we are fully aware that our carbon emissions can never be fully offset. 

But we can do some things that will make them less impactful. 

The first being the choice of crop we are using for our products. Hemp sequesters more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other commercial crop, here's some research to back that up. 

We have also partnered with Fifteen Trees, a Victorian enterprise run by some inspiring women in regional Victoria. Unlike other tree planting offset organisations, Fifteen Trees uses are targeted approach to how they regenerate areas by teaming up with landcare groups close to where the business operations are undertaken. 

We believe in small scale, grassroots action that is supported by community engagement. That's why we love Fifteen Trees.

Why does being family owned matter?

Because we're real people behind this business, not a faceless corporation who are driven by returns for shareholders. We use our morals to guide our operations, and put in all of this time and effort because we wholly believe that the agriculture sector can do better. 

We come from a small country town in rural Victoria, where we have witnessed first hand the impact farming the wrong way can have on the environment.

We're humans like you who care about having good quality products that serve a purpose and contribute to something greater than ourselves. 

The ultimate goal of Plantchester is to be growing, processing, and manufacturing hemp products locally in Australia. 

The bedding is the beginning of the journey as it is a way for us to generate enough money and interest to support this dream. Each set that is purchased contributes to building an enterprise that is more than a bedding retailer, but rather a brand that educates customers, supports ingenuity, and inspires change.  

Like doing crosswords in bed?