threads that count.

made from plants, with love, and nothing else.

Welcome to Plantchester. Plastic-free and certified organic. Naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, thermoregulating.

All products made from GOTS certified hemp & Oeko-Tek certified dyes.

Emissions offset partner

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We use plants to colour our products, such as Gardenia flowers, Tea Tree Fruit, and Walnut shells.

Blog posts

  1. How do you get blood out of sheets?

    To be honest, I use this method for all stains, because the basic chemistry is the same. 
  2. What are the dimensions of a bed?

    Beds are crazy, because what is a bed? A place to sleep, a spot to dream? Do beds really have dimensions? Or are we really talking about mattresses...
  3. Why use hemp?

    Plantchester products are made from hemp because it’s a product from the past here to save our future.  Human use of hemp goes back at least 6,00...

"Obsessed with these sheets! I got the doona and sheet set because I couldn’t get enough. High quality and super comfy"

- Eliza

"I still can't believe how soft these are!"

- Jane

"First night in the sheets - so soft and kept me comfortable and cool!!"

- Izzy