Plantchester was created because every product should have their entire life cycle taken into consideration. 

By creating products that are completely organic and wholly plastic-free they can be diverted from landfill when they’re finished in the bedroom.

The idea for Plantchester was borne from the desire to have quality bedding that was comfortable and durable, whilst doing as little harm to the planet as possible. 

Part of harm reduction is understanding what happens products after they are no longer fit for their initial purpose, in doing so we are creating a closed loop system within which waste becomes a new resource. 


Almost every high-quality linen bedding company use flax, cotton, or bamboo, and sometimes a blend. Aside from the high-water demand of cotton, or the significant land demand of flax, or the processing impacts of bamboo, these companies also rely upon a cocktail of chemicals to dye their products.

This is how bedding companies can promise Pantone perfect products. But nature isn’t Pantone perfect, which means this technicolour affair comes at a cost to the environment because when these fibres break down, they leach these chemicals into the soil. 

Soil health is human health

Soils are important, not just for us to walk around on, but because they are the largest terrestrial carbon sink on Earth. In simple terms, the soils soak up and store more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than all the trees, grass, and vegetation.

This is because all the biomass that lives on top of the soil eventually pass their carbon into the soil as they live and when they die. This is an incredibly important process called the Carbon Cycle, which Humans have disrupted by pumping too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

This is why Plantchester products have been designed to be completely compostable.  

Because they are made with 100% hemp fibres (which sequesters more CO2 than any other crop) and dyed with 100% organic plant dyes (such as walnuts and ti-tree flowers) it means when they degrade into the soils, they won't leach any harmful chemicals – instead, Plantchester products help to build soils by increasing soil organic matter, and drawdown carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 


We have partnered with 15 Trees to donate any old or unwanted bedding to be weed matting around the saplings when they go out to revegetate areas across Australia to help offset the pollution caused by people and businesses. 

It is an incredible initiative created by wonderful and intelligent people! Please check out their work and think about offsetting your personal footprint.

Like doing crosswords in bed?